Choosing the Right Nail Design for Your Nails

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Choosing the Right Nail Design for Your Nails – Nail art is a big rage these days and one of the best ways to give those manicured nails a total makeover. With so many designs colors and materials to choose from, the big question is…. How to choose the right one for you?

Well we will help you understand the designs better so that you could choose the right one for yourself.

There are different types of nail art for you to choose from so you need not be confined to plain pinks and whites for your nails. It all depends on how far you would like to go with a nail design. Some of them are pretty simple enough to be handled by you alone. But some need professional help too.

Choosing the Right Nail Design for Your Nails
Choosing the Right Nail Design for Your Nails

You can choose from the following types of nail art designs:

Hand-painted Designs: These are the simplest ones to do on your own. Usually these are floral designs that don’t require that much of an effort. All it needs is a regular nail polish and glitter paint. Take a toothpick, cut it into half. Dip it in the desired colors and make a circle and petals for the flower. Add a centerpiece to the flower like a rhinestone or even use glitter paint. Your nails are jazzed up in jiffy!

Texture Techniques: Yet another easy and fast way to do your nail art. All you need is your regular nail polish and household objects to get really outstanding designs. Apply a nice, thick layer of any color of your choice. It is advisable to go in for brighter colors. Then using a toothpick, dab a few dots of white or cream, on the layer of the bright polish applied earlier. Use lighter color to dab on top of the brighter color to achieve maximum effect.

Airbrush Designs:- This is something that can be done at home only if you have an expensive machine. Else you can land up at any nail salon where they use machines to airbrush a design of your choice on to the nails.

Rhinestones:- These art rhinestones are used as center of flowers or even arranged along the edges of your fingernails or toenails, in a neat row.

Nail Art Decals:- These are small art stickers which can be used for making designs more intricate and attractive. You just need to place them over your polished or unpolished nails and apply a protective layer of topcoat over it.

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