7 Tips for Shaping Nails

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7 Tips for Shaping Nails – A woman always loves to showcase her beauty from tip to toe. Well here are a few tips that will help your finger tips stay in the right shape. Great looking nails make a great style statement. They can also showcase nail art or nail design more beautifully. Well it’s not possible to get them professionally manicured quite regularly without denting your wallet substantially.


7 Tips for Shaping Nails

Tips for Shaping Nails
Tips for Shaping Nails

So it is better to know how to manicure you nails at home too as you definitely cannot ignore them until you next visit to the nail salon. Trimming them and shaping them regularly helps you to keep your nails healthy and glowing.

Here are a few nail shaping tips:

* It is essential to start clipping and filing with squeaky clean nails. The best way is to use an ear bud dipped in a nail polish remover instead of a cotton swab. Ear buds allow you to clean the cuticles as well as the skin around it efficiently. It’s better to clean your nails even if you don’t have any enamel as that can help you get rid of oil and grime from the nails.

* It is advisable to dip your nails in warm water for 15 minutes before you start clipping and filing them. It helps to soften hard nails making them easy to file. It also pampers your nails.

* Be gentle when cleaning your cuticles as tugging them can bruise the skin. Use a cuticle cream. Scrape out all the dirt from the nail bed gently and then wash your hands thoroughly to get rid of dead skin and cells.

* Always choose the right file for your nails. Using hard metal files on soft nails can cause more damage than good. Stick to a soft file if your nails are not that hard.

* Never try to clean and shape your nails aggressively. Hold the file close to the fingertip and angle it properly for best effect. Do not hold the file perpendicular to your fingertip as that is definitely going to cause your nail skin to fray and peel.

* Always choose the correct shape for your nails. Do not stick to what’s-in at the moment,. Choose what looks best on your nails. Square nails are preferred over oval nails as they square ones tend to look more chic.

* Just filing and shaping your nails make them look incomplete. Color them up. Make them look more attractive with nail designs, nail art or even nail tip designs.

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